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Local farm products

Discover the fresh and local flavours of our land

Our Veal is proudly 100% Local

Our calves are mainly grass-fed, providing them with optimal conditions for natural growth. The calves on our farm are treated with respect and benefit from an immense territory crossed by numerous streams.

Our customers can rest assured that they are eating top-quality meat and know where it comes from.

catering veal plate
Hand showing blueberries from the farm

Our home-made syrups and jams

Our homemade jams and syrups come mainly from our rhubarb, blueberry and apple trees. They are processed on site with the utmost care and are enjoyed in desserts, cocktails and with cheeses. Their flavors are often blended with essence of sweet clover and Madagascar vanilla.

Our maple syrup

Our maple syrup production is artisanal, and we plan to expand in the years to come. For the time being, we use our syrup to incorporate it into various recipes, allowing us to use a higher-quality sugar renowned worldwide for its nutritional properties.

maple syrup crepes with berries
catering for celebrations

Highlight your event with our farm products

The aim of our agritourism business is to enable you to enjoy our high-quality products at your corporate event, wedding, or party that you wish to hold in our Grange.

We are a family-run business, and we want you to have the same wonderful memories of your visit as we have of our own here, which has been farmed by our family for generations. For the preparation of your dishes, we can recommend the services of a local caterer who stands out for his know-how, flexibility, customer service and originality.

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